turning prayer into action

The film felt like a direct transmission—authentic and powerful—a fantastic piece of work. It is quite beautiful, achingly lovely and from the heart. I was very moved. You are to be thanked for this work. I thank you.

—Paul Hawken, author of Blessed Unrest,
social & environmental entrepreneur
Turning Prayer Into Action
Indigenous Grandmothers Meet the Bioneers
A co-production of Cynthia Jurs and Kim Spencer for Link TV

This powerful film narrated by Jane Fonda, combines highlights from the annual Bioneers Conference with the wisdom of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers gathered in Dharamsala, India. The two groups were linked in three live “spacebridges” for dialogues across time, space, and cultures to move us all to heal our relations, heal ourselves, and heal our planet. The grandmothers are holy women and healers who have formed a council to reach out to the world on behalf of the Earth and all beings in these critical times prophesied by their ancestors. The Bioneers are activists, educators, scientists, and visionaries working on solutions to the planet’s problems. The program weaves ancient insight and modern questions, indigenous prayers and visionary speakers, medicine women and activists, the hope of youth and the experience of elders. It is a call to prayer and action not-to-be-missed.

Click below to watch the 1 hour program.